Vertical Photo of a Ranch

 Sometimes we’re asked to shoot verticals or “straight down” shots of various things. This is a vertical of a 640 acre ranch near Uvalde, TX, which was shot on 3/12/2012. The brush hadn’t changed to green yet. Additionally, we “geo-referenced” this image to minimize any distortion due to not being exactly straight up or from the wide angle lens.

Air-to-Air Photography

On March 2, I got to help a friend by photographing his Pitts to get images for his website. Beautiful plane, huh!


Here’s another shot we got. He was inverted just above us.


Here’s a shot which shows both the target plane and photo plane in formation. Don’t try this at home! These two are very experienced pilots with significant formation experience.

Westover Hills

Westover Springs Aerial Photography

This is a new apartment complex, which is going in in the Westover Hills area of San Antonio. The company developing it is in Dallas so the aerials keep the managers up to date with what’s going on and helps them avoid long, expensive trips to check it out. Again, this was a construction progress aerial photography job, and it was overcast. We had to dodge some showers on this flight and on approach to landing, flew by a nice rainbow. That would be a serendepity!

Concrete Pipes

This is a company facility near Seguin that makes concrete pipes. Sometimes you have to get an aerial view to see what ya’ got!

Concrete Pipes


This is a zoomed-in portion, about 7% crop, of the above aerial image. So, this shows the resolution and capability of our 21 megapixel Camera. In addition, we apply some Photoshop tricks to improve the sharpness and multiple other qualities of our images.

Concrete Pipes